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HERAKLES is the first hotel approved by the Ministry of Health in Pamukkale
Pamukkale: A heaven on earth that nature spreads health through the mineral waters since the 3. century A.C. And SPA Herakles Thermal Hotel; located at the edge of mountains in an unspoiled nature; for you to discover yourself again with relaxation, fun and treatment.

A Personalized Health Cure Holiday at Herakles: Specialization, Tradition and Quality…
Karahayıt's Unique Healing Red Thermal Water
Under the control of professional health staff, the below diseases can be treated by the help of the natural red water, that comes at 55 Co from its source in our garden, served at 38 Co in the thermal pool.

Places to visit
Antique Pool
In the ancient city of Hierapolis and during the Roman Empire, there were more than 15 baths around the area...
Travertines are white rocks formed by precipitation caused by chemical reactions happened because of various environmental reasons...
With its magnificent white travertines formed by water that comes from the nearby mountains...
Red Water
It is known that the white water in Pamukkale is good for joint pains and gynecological diseases, while the red water which contains high iron content is good for rheumatic diseases and some wounds.
Cable car
The cable car in the Bağbaşı City Forest reaches up to 1400 meters altitude and reaches to Bağbaşı Plateau.
Ski resort
Denizli Ski Center is the largest ski resort in the Aegean Region, with a total skiing distance of 11 km.